Car Rental Policies & General Guidelines For Renting Cars

GoCayman Car Rental is a division of SaveMore Rent-A-Car Ltd.
Please carefully read and become familiar with all our rental policies and conditions for renting a car from SaveMore Rent-A-Car in Grand Cayman

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Restrictions on Loss Damage Waiver Coverage
When declining, Renter agrees to be fully responsible for any damages to the rental car or third party losses, unless such losses are determined by law enforcement or SaveMore's insurance company to not be the Renter's fault. Renter is liable to pay for all charges prior to leaving Grand Cayman, which include but are not limited to: Full market value of the Car including shipping, duty, transport, brokering, and other fees required to import the replacement Car to Grand Cayman; or the total cost of repairs to the Car and/or third parties, plus key/fob replacement/copying and/or programming, towing fees, storage and impound fees, plus administrative charges for claims processing, plus the loss of revenue due to down time, and rental costs for third party replacement cars.

SaveMore does not recognize collision coverage offered by overseas auto insurance policies or credit cards without verification of coverage. To protect yourself from undue risk, we strongly recommend that you check with your credit card or insurance provider back home to verify if they cover they specifically within the Cayman Islands.

We will happily assist you to verify if your credit card coverage prior to signing the rental agreement. If your home auto policy covers you for car rentals outside of your country, you may decline our optional collision damage waivers and accept full responsibility for all damages which may occur. You will be required to pay up-front for loss or damage to the car rental and or third parties in this case. We will provide you with any assistance necessary to re-reimburse you with your credit card company or your insurance provider.

Renter must report any traffic ticket, citation, or violation to within 24 hours and pay them promptly, before leaving Grand Cayman. Furthermore, renter and authorized drivers must immediately report to The Royal Cayman Islands Police at 345-949-4222 or 911, and to SaveMore any accident or incident in which the Car is involved.

Loss Damage Waivers DO NOT cover: Damages caused by careless driving, DUI, Negligence, Air-Conditioning controls; Infotainment systems, displays and speakers; Keys/smart keys/key fobs or programming/activation; Damage caused by using the wrong fuel; Seat-belts/restraints and airbags; Tires damaged beyond economical repair; Spare tire and tire changing tools; Stains, burns and cuts/tears to upholstery or dashboard/steering wheel, or wet upholstery; Professional cleaning/sanitizing; Natural or man-made disasters; Theft/vandalism or attempted theft or vandalism; Damage or loss of any parts, tools, equipment or accessories necessary for the Car to be deemed legally roadworthy due to negligence, abuse, theft/vandalism, or operating the Car recklessly; Damages caused by unauthorized/unqualified drivers WILL NOT be covered by the Loss Damage Waivers.

Visitor's Driving Permits
***US$20 Mandatory Driving License (Tax) per driver ***
All drivers of the rental car who do NOT possess a valid Cayman Islands Drivers License or International Driving Permit are required by Law to obtain a VISITOR'S DRIVING PERMIT. This is a mandatory driving tax required by the Cayman Islands Department of Vehicles and Driver's Licensing (Section 28, Traffic Law, 2011). This can be purchased at our rental office, and is a one-time fee of US$20 per driver, and is valid for up to 6 months. You must also present a full drivers license from your country. Individuals presenting a valid International Driving Permit along with their full drivers license are exempt from purchasing the Visitor's Driving Permit.

Airport Pickup Policy
Our service begins right at the airport arrivals terminal. Simply take a taxi to our office at #416 Shedden Road and we'll foot the bill. If due to a late or delayed flight, and you find our office closed, please take a cab to your hotel and we will pick you up the following day. Please remember to save your taxi receipt and we will refund the fare. We also provide free pickup and drop-off to and from your hotel on Seven Mile Beach and George Town within our normal hours of operation.

Cruise Ship Passengers Pickup/Drop off
Cruise ship passengers are provided FREE shuttle to our office upon arrival and then back again later the same day on time for return to the cruise tender back to the ship. Please indicate the Cruise Line/Ship Name and arrival date/time. You must call our office immediately upon arrival so that we can coordinate pickup for your group. Special hourly rates are offered to cruise ship visitors. Discount coupons are also available on our "Specials & Deals" page.

Age Requirements
Minimum Age: 21
Age 21 to 24 - A full drivers license for at least 1 year and no history of accidents is required in order to be eligible to be added to the rental car as per restrictions by our insurance policy. Drivers between 21-24 years old may be added to the rental car at a daily cost of US$10 per driver. Certain restrictions and/or higher deductibles/higher deposits may apply. Only the following Loss Damage Waiver options are allowed for this age group: BLDW, TLW, Decline all coverage. Cash deposits not allowed.
Age 25 to 80 - Apart from the Renter, additional drivers between 25 - 80 years may be added at a daily cost of US$5 per driver. Renter spouse is exempt. All Loss Damage Waiver options are available for this age group. Cash deposits are allowed.
Age 81 and over
Maximum driving age is 80 years. Under special circumstances, the managing director has the discretion to allow drivers over 80 years subject to higher deductibles and higher rates on Loss Damage Waiver.

Additional Drivers
additional drivers permitted an additional charge of $ 5.0 applies per day(per additional driver)
Minimum Age for Additional Drivers: 21

Fuel Policy
Vehicles must be returned with the fuel tank: Full
Fuel surcharges will apply. Price depends on current market. Ask at counter.

Deposit Requirements
Cash deposits are accepted. A deposit is not mandatory in order to confirm your reservation. However, If you require the rental car or jeep to be guaranteed for 24-hours from the pickup date and time, please contact our office to make payment arrangements.

We prefer to accept major credit cards as security deposit on rentals. Low-risk, experienced drivers ages 25yrs+ may rent a car with a minimum cash deposit of US$305, plus the cost of rental charges paid separately. Some restrictions on vehicle categories, additional drivers and rental periods may apply.

All deposits MUST be paid in full at the rental counter, prior to receiving the car. All refunds will be made to a credit/debit Card, or by company cheque.

The minimum deposit requirements are as follows:
Credit cards - US$100 deposit plus rental charges;
Debit cards - US$305/CI$250 plus rental charges;
Cash Rentals - US$305/CI$250 plus rental charges, and subject to age restrictions.

The credit card or debit card offered by the Renter as a security deposit for the rental agreement will be recorded/printed/photocopied/imprinted on the signed rental agreement, which gives SaveMore the right to submit a charge for payment for all charges as needed. All charges are subject to final audit and if an error is found, the Renter or SaveMore shall pay or credit the other to correct the error.

The Renter will be subject to certain restrictions and/or higher deductibles/deposits/coverage fees/additional fees under the following conditions: Using cash or a debit card as security; If renter or additional drivers are between the ages of 21 to 24 years old; Renter or authorized drivers have health issues and/or disabilities, or driving license class restrictions/endorsements. Premium, Luxury and Specialty Cars are subject to higher deposits, and can only be secured using a major credit card.
The following are also accepted for deposit:
Debit Card, VISA Check, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club

Payment Methods
GoCayman Car Rental accepts the following methods of payment:
Debit Card, VISA Check, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, Cash

Pick-ups and Drop-offs
No Charge Pick-ups and drop-offs available at airport, hotels and at the cruise ship dock. We also provide FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE to your home or workplace within George Town up to Newlands, Seven Mile Beach, West Bay within normal hours of operation. Bodden Town, East End and North Side areas excluded.

Optional Charges and Coverage
Basic Loss Damage Waiver (BLDW)
17.00 per day
119.00 per week
(US$ 17.00 daily - available for all drivers)
** Basic waiver for all vehicle categories. Mandatory for rentals secured with cash or debit cards. US$305/CI$250 deposit required upon pickup, plus rental charges paid in advance. Reduces your total liability to US$999 for damages caused to our rental car and to third parties. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement, our Government mandated car insurance policy will thereafter pay for the balance of damages or third party claims.
Third Party Liability Coverage
9.00 per day
63.00 per week
($0 deductible on Third Party Claims) TLW
Choose this optional coverage when declining the Collision Damage Waiver so that you can totally reduce your liability for damages to third parties. If you purchase this coverage, you will at least be completely covered against third party claims for loss or damage. Most credit cards will not cover losses to third parties outside the primary country of issue. Please check your credit card provider prior to declining the Collision Damage Waiver or Third Party Liability Waiver. You may decline the Third Party Liability Waiver and be completely responsible to pay for all losses or damages to third parties. A major credit card is required.
Full Comprehensive DLDW - small cars
25.00 per day
175.00 per week
($0.00 Deductible. Only for drivers 25 - 80 yrs. )
Here is the best coverage option available for Economy & Compact cars. No need to choose any other LDW waiver. Provides a 'walk-away' Loss Damage Waiver - $0.00 deductible -- complete coverage for the rental car and totally reduces your liability to third parties for loss or damage. Coverage not valid if the terms of the rental agreement are violated or if the vehicle is operated contrary to the laws of the Cayman Islands. Please Drive Carefully.
Full Comprehensive DLDW - large cars/SUVs/Jeeps
29.00 per day
203.00 per week
($0.00 Deductible. Only for drivers 25 - 80 yrs. ) Choose this Loss Damage Waiver option for peace of mind and no worries on damage to the rental vehicle or third party losses/claims, subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Available to full size cars, premium cars, large sedans, Jeeps & SUVs.
Young Driver (21-24yrs)
10.00 per day
70.00 per week
US$10 daily, per driver between 21 to 24yrs.
Each driver must be present, and possess a valid Full drivers license for at least one year and have no history of accidents caused by careless driving. Only the following Loss Damage Waiver options are available to this age group: TLW, BLDW or Decline all coverage.

Cancelation Policy
Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours prior to the rental date. Kindly call our office or use our Quick Contact Form so that we will know you will not require your rental car. For reservations without prepaid deposits, we will hold your reservation for 5 hours before releasing it and designate it as a No-show. If you are going to be late, please let us know asap so that we can adjust your pickup date and time. You can safeguard your car rental reservation from the 5-hour NO-SHOW policy by prepaying prior to arrival. Your vehicle will be held for 24-hours awaiting your arrival. A minimum 1 day Non-Refundable charge will apply if you decide not to rent the vehicle. If cancelled within the allowed 48-hour grace period, a full refund will be issued.

Insurance and Coverage
Various Loss/Damage Waiver options are available to cover accidents, damages or losses to the rent-a-car and third parties, if applicable ( as long as the damages are not caused due to violations of the RENTAL AGREEMENT. Reasonable care is required of all drivers. All of our Loss/Damage Waiver products are optional and you may DECLINE IF you are using a major credit card as security for the rental car. A deposit of US$305.00 plus the rental charges will be required. Cash or debit card rentals are not allowed to decline Loss Damage Waiver coverage.

Geographic Restrictions
Vehicles must remain on the island of Grand Cayman. Driving on beaches is prohibited by Law.