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Gen. Terms & Conditions

We do not charge environmental fees or other related fees such as those applied by other agencies. Prices listed are the prices honoured for your booking. A REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT WITH CASH and DEBIT CARDS: KYD 250/USD 304.88 is applicable. Deposits paid on a major credit card is reduced to KYD 150/ USD 182.93. Charges are for either 24 hours of usage, calendar days or defined return times, depending on the rate code on your contract. Example, 9:00 am pick up, 9:00am return (24 hr. rate code). On that rate-code an hourly rate is applied for each hour after 30 mins. grace up to 1.5 hours then it becomes a full day’s rental. Charges for other rate codes shall result in an automatic additional day’s rental charge. Cars not returned with the same amount of the fuel as rented, shall incur a refueling charge of KYD 11 or USD 13.41 per gallon.

(a) SAVEMORE reserves all rights to adjust/waive fees and/or deposits, demand the return of car and ease restrictions at its sole discretion.
(b) All requested extensions must be phoned in /and paid for 24 hours before the contractual return date & time. Extensions are not guaranteed as the rental could be reserved for someone else. Please confirm extensions. If renter holds a vehicle on extension without prepaying the rental rate for the new requested return date, then a DAILY UNPAID RENTAL FEE (DURF) of KYD 6.00/USD 7.32 shall be charged for each day (over and above all other contractual charges) until an updated agreement with a new return date AND PAYMENT has been fully applied.
(c) Lost Key/Fob shall incur full replacement/re-keying &/ reprogramming fee by the renter at a MINIMUM of KYD 150/USD 182.93.
(d) All Traffic Violations including Tickets or other charges incurred during the rental are solely the responsibility of the renter.
(e) Long-term/monthly rental agreements (26+ days) shall incur a LONG-TERM MAINTENANCE SURCHARGE of KYD 0.90/USD 1.10 per day.
(f) Rentals returned earlier than the Return/Due-Date shall incur an Early Return of Rental on Agreement surcharge of KYD11 per day.
(g) Free Shuttle Service is not provided for OFF-Hour/Closed Times. Taxi arrangement can be made if requested by customer. Taxi fare is on average $10 - $15 USD.

This is a reservation request confirmation. Bookings are confirmed by SaveMore Rent A Car with a confirmation number within 24 - 48 hours.

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 21
Age 21 to 24 - Must have full license for at least a year. Daily Young Driver surcharge apply.
Age 25 and overDrivers over 80 years ARE NOT ALLOWED. RENTER and drivers must be a minimum of 21 years of age or a maximum of 80 years old. All drivers must present a Full Drivers License, valid for at least 1 year.

Additional Drivers

additional drivers permitted an additional charge of $ 5.00 applies per day(per additional driver)
Minimum Age for Additional Drivers: 21

Drivers Under 25 years can only be added as an additional driver. There is a daily underage fee of USD10.00 as well as the additional driver fee of USD5.00 per day. There is no additional fee for a spouse of the main renter on the rental agreement.

Fuel Policy

Vehicles must be returned with the fuel tank: Full
Fuel will be charged at 13.41 gallons

Deposit Requirements

Cash deposits are accepted. A deposit is not mandatory in order to confirm your reservation. However, If you require the rental car to be guaranteed for 24-hours from the pickup date and time, please contact our office to make payment arrangements.

We prefer to accept major credit cards as security deposit on rentals. The following are also accepted for deposit:
Debit Card, Traveler's Cheques, VISA Check, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club

Payment Methods

GoCayman Car Rental & SaveMore Rent-A-Car Ltd accepts the following methods of payment:
Debit Card, Traveler's Cheques, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, Cash

Optional Charges and Coverage

Basic L.D.W. 17.00 per day
119.00 per week
(BLDW): CI$13.94 / US$17 daily: Mandatory for rentals secured with cash or debit cards. Covers loss and damage to the rental car with a CI$820 / US$1000 deductible. (All Loss/Damages under CI$ $820 to the rental car is the responsibility of the renter.)
• 100% Protection on Third Party Liability claims.
• $50 CI$ off towing
• $50 CI$ off tire or rim damages
• $25 CI$ off lost-key replacement

Deluxe L.D.W. 25.00 per day
175.00 per week
DELUXE L.D.W. - US$25 per day:
Fully comprehensive loss Damage Waiver (insurance) coverage with 0.00 deductible AND ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE included free of charge. Completely covers any damages to the rental car AND damages to third parties. No need to purchase additional Third Party Liability Waiver with this option.

• 100% Protection on rental car
• 100% Protection on 3rd-Party Claims
• $150 KYD off any towing fees
• $75 KYD off damaged tires or rims
• $50 off lost-key replacement
• FULL roadside assistance

Third Party Liability Waiver (T.L.W.) 11.00 per day
77.00 per week
( US$11 per day) TLW (Loss/Damage to other people's property/car) provides fully comprehensive coverage for any damages to third parties only.
Damages or loss to the rental car is not covered under this option. Most credit cards will not cover losses for third party liability claims. Please verify that your credit card covers Liability Insurance for third parties otherwise this coverage as a minimum requirement to drive in the Cayman islands shall be necessary.

35.00 per week
FREE Roadside Assistance service is automatically included in Deluxe LDW coverage option. .

Young Driver (21-24yrs) 10.00 per day
70.00 per week
US$10 daily, per driver between 21 to 24yrs.
Each driver must present a Full drivers license, valid at least one year. CREDIT CARD OR DEBIT CARD REQUIRED. NO CASH DEPOSIT RENTAL ALLOWED.
Full coverage Loss Damage Waiver not available to drivers between 21 - 24 years.
Child Toddler Seat 3.85 per day
26.95 per week
Seat-belt strapped Child Seat .
Cruise-Port Transfer 6.00 fixed
Get easy, stress-free quick transfers to and from the cruiseship port to collect your rental car at a discounted transfer cost of USD6.00 - one-way/USD 12 roundtrip.
Enhanced/Deep Cleaning 213.41 fixed
All of our rentals are carefully cleaned and sanitized. However, should you want an enhanced cleaning we can help. Have your the interior finished with an enhanced cleaning. Seats are steamed or soaped, sanitized and sun-dried. Inside roof is steamed as well as floors. The entire interior is buffed and a finished shine is the result. At least 2 - 3 days minimum is needed to schedule this optional service.

Cancelation Policy

Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours prior to the rental date. Kindly call our office or use our Quick Contact Form so that we will know you will not require your rental car.

Insurance and Coverage

THIRD PARTY LIABILITY insurance offered by overseas auto insurance policies or credit cards are not recognized. Collision Damage Waiver options are offered at the rental counter. Third-Party coverage (Loss/Damage to other property/cars other than your rental car), as a minimum is a legal requirement in the Cayman Islands. 99% of credit cards ONLY offer accident Loss/Damage cover on the rental car. Customers shall be required to offer proof otherwise. In those cases, customers shall, at a minimum choose the third-party waiver/cover or you may also get it at the check-in counter when collecting the rental car. Of course and to be safe or if you are uncertain whether your credit card offers protection on the rental car, you may select our Basic or Deluxe Loss/Damage Waiver. They both offer protection for the rental and for third-party coverage. Deluxe LDW – DLDW. The Deluxe Option Offers: • 100% Protection on rental car • 100% Protection on 3rd-Party claims • $150 KYD off any towing fees • $75 KYD off damaged rims • $50 off lost-key replacement charges • FULL roadside assistance for Flat Tire Basic LDW – BLDW. The Basic Option Offers: • $820 Deductible - (All Loss/Damages under KYD $820 To The Rental Is Your Responsibility). • 100% Protection on 3rd-Party claims • $50 KYD off any towing fees • $50 KYD off tire/rim damages • $25 KYD off lost-key replacement charges Third-Party TLW . • All Loss/Damage on Rental – Your responsibility • 100% protection on 3rd-party claims

Geographic Restrictions

Vehicles must remain on the island of Grand Cayman. Driving on beaches is prohibited by Law.

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